How we all ended up in the roles we have is a mixture of spine-tingling mystery, heroic daring and plain insanity, but regardless how we got here we’re all 100% committed to putting on a good show.

We are always looking for volunteers to support us each year and every post is up for grabs each season.

Wizard of Oz 2019 Production Team

Chair – Stuart Lockhart

Producers – Laura Brewer & Sally Leech

Director – Katie Hardman

Assistant Director – Gemma Smith

Musical Director – Lyndsey Wilson

Costume Mistress – Anne Hardman

Props Mistress – Helen Brewer

Stage Team  – Harry Mills & Tom McAndrew

Set Painting – Howard Bates

Choreography Coordinator – Laura Braithwaite

Treasurer – Roger Brown

Box Office – Yvonne Brown

Communication – PR and Advertising – Position not filled

Communication – Parents and Cast – Joanne Vost

Chaperone Coordinator – Debbie Howard

Front of House Manager – Yvonne Brown

Design, Video and Music Editing – Stephen Mellows-Facer

This year we hope that each parent will assist us and sign up to a role during the rehearsal or performance week – the more help we have the less everyone has to do. We are always looking for help with set painting/making, prop donations, makeup, costume and making the tea at the interval. You don’t have to be on the stage to make a vital contribution to the show so if you have some time to spare please let us know.

If anyone would like to fulfil these roles please get in touch