Just how scary is the panto? Here’s a handy guide…

11th January 2020
Just how scary is the panto? Here’s a handy guide…

Now we all know it’s great fun to come and see a pantomime but for some of our younger audience members we like to give parents a heads up about anything we think they might need to know about in advance.

We’d say that the panto is suitable for ages 5+ (younger children are welcome but that’s up to parents, and if you have to leave the hall with your child you might not be immediately granted access back in until it’s safe to do so). 

The first half of the show is 1 hour 15 minutes long. There is a 20 (ish) minute break and then the second half is 50 minutes long. 

There are some quite tongue in cheek jokes, cheeky but not rude – usually references adults would get but nothing inappropriate. There is no swearing within our show.

  1. The Giant… If you’ve read the story you’ll know he’s keen on eating people – but we promise you now that no audience or chorus will be eaten during our production. Our Giant has a big booming voice but you’ll only hear him off stage like that – best keep out of his way, but please know he’ll get what’s coming to him by the end of the show.
  2. The Squire – Sir Nicholas Nicholas… he’s not a particularly nice chap and he’s very keen on making money and keeping the villagers in Poverty. He has quite a loud voice and a wicked laugh but don’t worry – it’s panto, he’ll get what he deserves.
  3. Skeletons…. Our Giant has the magical power to summon skeletons to do his bidding. You’ll see one cheeky skeleton chasing poor Jack, Richard and Gemima around our stage. It’s a good chance to shout and interact with our cast but it can get a bit loud if we have a vocal audience in. Following that scene there are lots of skeletons in a song and dance number which does involve some cast in the auditorium. This scene is in UV lighting so our skeletons will glow but it means the auditorium will be very dark. But don’t worry, the skeletons are only after Jack so they won’t be interested in our audience members. 
  4. Bangs and pops – our panto contains pyrotechnics, so expect a few mini fireworks on stage which might be quite loud when they go off (if you want more info we’ll be able to provide details of when the pyros happen a little closer to the performances)
  5. Smoke and strobe – we use stage smoke (haze), it doesn’t make you cough and it’s safe for audience and cast. Rest assured we’re not on fire! There will be strobe lighting effects in the show – more details are available if required, just get in touch.

Drop us an email at brindleplayers@gmail.com if you’d like more information about the content of our show before you make a booking.